“In March 2017, my right knee suddenly started to hurt for no reason, especially when I was walking upstairs and downstairs. I tried to rest and thought it will be gone in a few days, but it lasted for more than a month. I went to see my family doctor and was told that I might have Runner’s Knee (Patellofemoral pain syndrome) and also Knee Osteoarthritis. There is not really a cure. So I thought that I might have to live with it. Then a friend referred me to Dr. Hongyan Yang, an acupuncture practitioner. With a little piece of hope, I went to see her. After the first treatment, my knee pain felt so much relieved for the past two months. This gave me faith even though my knee pain came back after a week. I continued eight treatments (once a week) and my knee pain is now completely healed. It has been three weeks since. My knee pain has not come back. I can’t say how much I appreciated Dr. Hongyan Yang. ”

7-15-2017 Jin T. Potomac, MD


“Dr. Yang has helped me with her therapy in many ways. I feel relaxed and peaceful after acupuncture. She has successfully treated ringing in my ears, which I long time suffer. I should also like to point out that she is well trained to prescribe herbs. I am satisfied completely with the treatment I have received from her”

8-12-2017 Bryan Turner  Potomac, MD



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“I moved to the Greater Washington area a few years ago and got the chance to meet Hongyan Yang in Star Therapeutic Massage. The first time I saw her, I felt she was very relatable. I feel terrific always after her massages. Later I got my heel pain that was especially bad in the morning. After Dr. Yang helped me with several acupuncture treatments, my heel unexpectedly recovered. Recently, I got sciatic pain from the buttocks attached to the right leg pain. Good during the day, but when I lie down at night, I could could not sleep. Just after one acupuncture treatment by Dr. Yang, pain was 90 percent gone! In addition, my mother who is more than 90 years old, is bent over with a hump and recently got a big crooked neck. Also, after one time acupuncture treatment by Dr Yang, she feel obviously good. We are very happy to know Dr. Yang.”

9-12-2017 Gengnan Li Rockville, MD