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We use the meridian test to let you on the same page as me to understand how your whole-body meridian health situation and balance are on your first visit before the acupuncture session. Based on the test meridian result, we give acupuncture and to see how your body responds to acupuncture with a meridian test after the acupuncture session. Your primary adjustment protocol and treatment plan will come out in the first visit. Most importantly, your pain is mostly under control during the first visit.

We use traditional acupuncture and herb to help you balance well in the first 3-6 visits of the package. Later, your visits mostly will be 1-2 months once, or four times per year to keep you dancing well with the seasons or two times per year, one on your birthday period and the other one on the halfway point of the year with your birthday. These two-time points, they are the most challenging times for our bodies. Our body is more sensitive and adjustable, they are the most efficient two sessions that help everybody promote immunity. For maintaining optimum immunity status, we highly recommend four times a year for people 45 years old more. Different seasons show different challenges to our body, especially the current years, season comes and goes more unexpectedly.

I will be very happy and excited to go with you on your rejuvenation wellness journey! Make your first appointment with me today, and you will be happy and enjoy your decision.

Here I list several updated pieces of information important for everyone. For more about my background, please check the next page.

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  • We can do the Digital Mardin test to see your twelve meridian health situation, along with other typical Chinese medicine diagnosis methods, to help aid in your recovery.
  • Our acupuncture with moxibustion can help you to detox and balance your Yin-Yang much more efficiently. More times often than not, you will feel the stress or pain melting away or walking away more invigorated.

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