Hand Metal Pellet Therapy

Related imageHand Acupuncture is based on the understanding that all 12 meridians of human body are also on the hand. So, most of the physical syndromes are also reflected on the appearance of our hands. Alternative to using needles, one can use metal pellets to just tape on the points. This method works so well that when targeted at the necessary points,  it can greatly diminish pain in the corresponding locations over night. This technique is especially useful for children who may not be ready for the use of needles yet and can both work  independently or in combination with traditional acupuncture for even faster efficacy. It is particularly good for acute pain management.

How do they work?

Metal Pellets are effective stimulators. They are made of Aluminum and are covered with a non-toxic, anti-oxidizing coating. Taping the pellet over a  point on the hand affects the ion concentration at the corresponding location. The change in information generated by the presence of the pellets signals the brain, and a healing cascade is initiated. Immediately, the pain level drops as the tissues/muscles relax in the painful area. For more detailed information, please check http://www.khtsystems.com.