2 thoughts on “Please Share Your Feedback!

  1. When I first came to Dr. Yang I had multiple problems. I had tension and insomnia. I also had a serious skin rash called Eczema. I had tried everything, including lotions, ointments, and oral meds – yet none of them worked. After several treatments by Dr. Yang my Eczema is almost completely gone! No itching or scratching anymore. Furthermore, my pulse is steady and my sleep is better. This is because Dr. Yang has a holistic approach to healing. She understands the human body better than anyone I know. Acupuncture, Chinese herb formula, Cupping, Massage, and Acupressure have turned me from a tired, lethargic person into a dynamic one! Dr. Yang is an super expert with Chinese herbs and their healing properties with extremely low dose.

    If you want the systems of your body in full – healthy function you need to participate in the wellness center. I believe everyone can experience their own rejuvenation of the body here. After this experience, I sometimes think we don’t realize how sick we are until we are fully and completely healed. My wife and I have both been helped and can’t wait to continue our path to better health.


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