Spirit of Acupuncture (针灵)

Man’s pulse location
The adjustment through the superficial Wei Qi, is called Spirit of Acupuncture (针灵).  Regular pulse order is like the shape of OlivesGuan most strong, Chi and Chun smaller.  Proper pulse diagnosis, recorded clearly in the acupuncture chapters of Huang Di Nei Jing, can precisely tell the adequacy and deficiency of Qi among the meridians and the visceral and significantly can delight clinical treatment process of acupuncture.
Merged and integrated classics of Chinese Medicine,

man-lady energy direction
Qi flow directions (right side is man’s)

Equilibrium of pulses means that the Qi concords and the therapy may complete. This system proposed a distinct pulse position of males and females, which offers unique opinion of male left and female right as show on the above picture, and the different location of man/woman’s five zhang’s Qi  on the two wrist’s pulses while diagnosis and operating the therapies of reinforcing & reducing manipulation also based on the Qi flow direction. Conclusively,   Spirit of Acupuncture states a self-consistent system of classical Chinese Medicine from pulse to acupuncture, and proves to be highly effective through everyday of my clinical practices.

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